Our Company

Corporate Governance

Managing our business responsibly means operating ethically.

We remain committed to our founders' core values of quality, service and fair dealing. While

business conditions can change, our commitment to high ethical standards remains constant.

This commitment allows us to secure the trust of our employees, customers, consumers and other interested parties by managing our business responsibly. This means identifying and managing risks as well as seizing opportunities.

Globally our board of directors and senior management are accountable for ensuring good corporate governance. Kimberly-Clark's board of directors has 11 independent members, in accordance with the New York Stock Exchange listing standards. Our Chairman and CEO is the only board member not considered independent. Our Audit, Nominating and Corporate Governance, and Management Development and Compensation Committees consist entirely of independent board members.

The key governance and decision making body of Kimberly-Clark Australia and New Zealand is the Corporate Management Group headed by the Managing Director for Kimberly-Clark Australia & New Zealand. Membership of this body is controlled by Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Other key governance bodies, which either report to the Corporate Management Group or act in parallel, include the Australia & New Zealand Safety Leadership Team and Internal Control Steering Committee whose membership includes representatives from the Corporate Management Group.

Our Code of Conduct and corporate policies ensure our employees understand that we expect consistent, ethical behaviour and compliance with applicable laws.

Our Code of Conduct and corporate policies apply across all Kimberly-Clark locations worldwide.