Federal Court of Australia Dismisses ACCC Appeal

Kimberly-Clark welcomes today’s decision by the Federal Court to dismiss the ACCC’s appeal. The Court’s unanimous decision that claims made by Kleenex with regard to flushable cleansing cloths were not misleading is testament to the quality and safety of this product. The wipes were designed to be, and are, suitable to be flushed.

We have always been confident in the accuracy of our claims regarding the suitability of Kleenex flushable cleansing cloths to be flushed. The product meets or exceeds the strict requirements set out in the International Nonwovens & Disposables Association (INDA) and European Disposables & Nonwovens Association (EDANA) flushability guidelines. These guidelines were developed to provide a framework for assessing flushability, and remain the most widely accepted international guidelines.

We take the truthfulness and accuracy of the claims in our marketing extremely seriously. The issue has now been tested twice in the Federal Court, and on both accounts our flushable cleansing cloths were found to be flushable, as accurately stated on packaging.

Kimberly-Clark remains committed to continuing to communicate with consumers about what is appropriate to be flushed, and will continue to ensure our non-flushable product packaging includes prominent ‘do not flush’ labels.