Celebrating International Women’s Day with U by Kotex

8 March 2017

IWD Ubk Feature

Today at Kimberly-Clark Australia and New Zealand we celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), a worldwide event which recognises social, economic, cultural and political achievements from women around the world. The 2018 IWD theme is ‘Press for Progress’ - a call to action encouraging friends, colleagues and communities to come together to raise awareness and continue to rally for gender parity.

We are incredibly proud that one of our core brands, U by Kotex®, is playing a vital role in advocating in this space, by breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes and championing women’s progress.

For 100 years women have been at the centre of everything we do as a brand. They are the inspiration behind our product innovations and we are committed to standing by her side to take on all the social stigmas surrounding periods.

U by Kotex®’s commitment to championing women’s progress

U by Kotex® is proud to champion the notion that period or not, she can. We are on a mission to remove the taboo attached to periods and reinforce they are healthy, natural and most importantly should never hold women back from achieving what they are capable of. We have developed and support a number of initiatives that help us fulfill our ambition to champion women’s progress. These include:

  • In Australia we are launching a new charity partnership with Share the Dignity, whose mission is to ensure no woman should have to suffer the indignity of going without sanitary items at a time when she needs it the most, regardless of her financial situation. Share the Dignity helps us to get our product in the hands of people in need, from remote Indigenous Communities where girls are missing school when they have their periods, to homeless and domestic violence shelters, and many others who for different reasons don’t have access to our products.

    We are also supporting Share the Dignity’s petition to the federal government to remove GST/tax from feminine care products through their campaign #axethetax campaign.

  • In New Zealand we have launched a new partnership with Countdown (New Zealand’s leading supermarket) and The Salvation Army to provide free sanitary products through The Foodbank Project, New Zealand’s first online food bank. In the year ahead, we will work together with The Foodbank Project with the aim to provide more than 20,000 packs of sanitary products to New Zealand women in need.

  • We are supporting a new national research project currently underway by the University of Western Sydney, which aims to reduce the incidence of undiagnosed menstrual disorders, and improve the levels of knowledge and understanding relating to the menstrual cycle and its management among young women.

  • We have worked with EndoActive to help create awareness and increase education about the prevalence and treatment of the menstrual condition Endometriosis.

  • Finally, our U by Kotex® Education Programme providespuberty education packs to schools throughout Australia and New Zealand, providing a detailed resource on puberty and menstruation for teachers and female students.